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Shepherd’s Staff helps local churches of any size, effectively mobilize their people, resources, and gifts and care for their members who have been called to serve as foreign missionaries. We engage and assist churches right where they are in their fulfilling the Great Commission.

We provide administrative services for local churches by receiving and disbursing support funds. When requested, we also provide proven insight and practical assistance to churches in other areas critical to the success of their global missions endeavors.


Declare and infuse global missions participation into your church’s DNA.

Develop and implement a global missions policy that includes a “path to the field.”

Discover and identify the members God calls your church to send.

Design and integrate missionary care structures composed of specially equipped church members.



We are Local Church Centered

Shepherd’s Staff’s passion is to empower churches to participate fully in the Great Commission. Although we are definitely a “parachurch” organization, our continued existence is dependent on local churches raising up their own members who have been called by God, confirmed in that calling by the church’s leadership, and who are convinced that it’s time to move forward with serving the Lord in another country.

We Are Committed to Helping Churches Send Well

Shepherd’s Staff understands the dynamics between a local church and those they send out, especially the church’s desire for equipping missionaries and senders, ensuring support funds are administered properly, and providing missionary care and nurture. Through our current experienced staff and strategic partner network of resources, Shepherd’s Staff is a missionary care partner to help provide key services and expertise that facilitates a local church sending its missionaries in a manner worthy of God.



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